So i decided to Blog and write about my expressions and opinions to every anime i see and watch since i have lot's of free time to write one, Because as you can see, Wake up -> Surf the Internet -> Watch Anime -> Read Manga -> Eat -> Sleep is my daily routine. So that's why i got to stand up and do something different once for a while. and that's blogging. Honestly, Writing Essays, Poems and stuff aren't really my thing, So this is a huge challenge for me, and at this point, even writing this post is a very hard challenge for me,  I needed to think very hard what to write, double check the post and see if i did any mistakes and such. really really hard, this will make my brain go *BOOOOOOM* and i'm done. just thinking about it makes me sick. so what i'm saying is that i'm a noob in blogging so if i make any error and mistakes please do understand, and i'm willing to accept your criticism and advice on blogging since that would improve my blogging and writing skills. So, that's it for this post! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and expect lot's of anime reviews, see yah :D

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    Greetings! The Name's Monica, I'm a Huge Anime and Jrock Fan. I'm 15 and i just started making this site so there aren't alot of posts as you can see. anyway, Just started blogging and English is not my native language so if i make any grammatical errors, please do understand :) 


    October 2012