''As Long as the Five of Us are Together''
A Review (close enough) of Kokoro Connect's 13th Episode. My First Anime Episode Review. This Episode is more focused on Iori. Click ''Read More'' to continue.
The Second Heartseed Goes into Iori's Body and reminds them of the consequences making the time frame random and taichi amongst those who can turn younger after Taichi was forced to tell what he had been hiding.
Aww, Taichi finally transforms into a little kid. So adowaablee *-*
Taichi insist on not seeing Nagase putting her bra on. but it's obvious that he did :P
Nagase having a Tantrum after hearing and thinking that her mom would be in danger from her second abusive husband who wants to get back together with her.
  Iori, you got to calm down.
Iori turns younger in a short period of time. and regains back her memories of that age. and Awwww, That scene is just adorable. I take back what i said earlier about taichi, Cuz, yo so cuteee. oh, and '' I love you too Mom''
Nagase decided to go home and save her mom from her Papa. But of course, Inaba won’t let nagase go and stop her papa by herself and do what she wants, You know how Inaba is. So she told her that she messed up in the past because she refused to ask for help and do everything by herself. She reminded her that she have friends who are their for her and is willing to help.
Inaba and the rest finally pursuade Iori to ask for their help. Aww, another cute Nagase Scene :3 Yes, In the end, You still needed you friends.
So they went to Nagase's House but before she was able to go inside, Nagase turns into a kid, what bad timing!
Heart Seed shows up and wanted to give her another chance and would undo everything in the past?! What does he mean? Where's the time machine??!! Show it to meee!!
After all the sweet moments and talk, Nagase iori decided not to start over. '' I am who I now because of everything that's happened. If I try to deny my past, I'm denying the person I've become'' TRUE. She made a wise decision.
OMG!! I was totally not expecting this. Do Iori truly love Taichi? I hope she does not, so Inaba and Taichi wiould be together in the end, lol. Sorry Nagase Fans. But i think Taichi suits better with Inaba. but that is of course my opinion. anyway, We'll see what'll happen on the next episode, Can't wait!! 
Summary: As Taichi is forced to tell the others what he had been hiding, the second Heartseed reminds them of the consequences, making the age reverts random and including Taichi amongst those who can turn younger. As the gang are forced to stay at the building to avoid others discovering themselves, Iori becomes stressed when she believes her mother to be in danger from her violent second husband, who wants to get back together with her. After briefly turning younger for a short period and regaining memories of that age, Iori tries to head off on her own but the others stop her, asking her to let them help. As Tacihi, Iori and Himako reach the house and hear violent noises, they are forced to retreat after Iori turns into a baby. Just then, the first Heartseed approaches them, ending the age revert phenomenon and offering Iori the opportunity to go back in time and rectify some of the bad decisions she made in her youth. After some encouragement by Taichi and Himeko, Iori declines his offer, saying her past mistakes have allowed her to become the person she is now. Afterwards, everyone goes with Iori to see her mother, where they both realize they had both made mistakes trying to make the other happy. After Iori's mother gains the encouragement to turn her ex-husband away, Iori gives thanks to everyone who made her who she is, and Yui apologizes to Chinatsu, promising to meet her at the next karate tournament. As winter vacation comes to an end, Iori starts to question if she truly loves Taichi. 

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